Frequently Asked Questions

Is On Show App available in my City?

You can find On Show App in all 9 provinces.

Can I use On Show App without a smartphone?

Yes, in certain markets you can.

How do I create my account?

Create an account with your email address. A payment of R3490.00 yearly/annually once off is also needed if you are a Newbie before you can request to sell. The Full Status (NQF4) will pay R0.00 yearly/annually, to join our platform is free.

What do I earn?

Newbie 50/50 split: If you sell a home worth R 2.5 million, your commission will be R62,500.00 up to R 87,500.00 when the home is registered at the deeds office. The Newbie will endure a once-off yearly/annually fee for only R3490.00 this payment is allocated to the mentor package. Each year this payment is due for your mentoring. Our platform is free to join.

Full Status 60/40: If you sell a home worth R 2.5 million, your commission will be R75,000.00 up to R 105,000.00 when the home registers at the deeds office. The Full Status (NQF4) will pay R0.00 yearly/annually, to join our platform is free.

Principal NQF4/NQF5: You will be earning R290.83 p/m from your newbie role players assigned to you on our platform appointed to your portfolio by us. Our fee is 25% without having any further operational costs associated as seen in the traditional business model. Example: If you are assigned 100 Newbie (Interns) each month to your portfolio to manage remotely, you will earn a monthly income of R 29,083.00 p/m. You train and manage your appointed interns when they need assistance in the field with the app/technology/tools we offer. The Principal (NQF5) will pay R0.00 yearly/annually fee, our fee is 25% from your monthly income, our platform is free to join.

How many packages does On Show App offer?

We offer packages that include the Newbie, Full Status, and Principal.

Does On Show App offer any license for interns?

No, the license that we call the Fidelity Fund Certificate (FFC) is issued by the EAAB. We assist with the process but the payment due to the EAAB is at your cost yearly/annually.

Is the EAAB license (Fidelity Fund Certificate) included in the sign up on the platform?

Yes, but the cost to the EAAB is not included.

Does the Fidelity Fund Certificate Expire?

No, however you have to ensure to keep it valid annually by paying your annual renewal fee to the EAAB for three years upfront.

Does On Show App offer any training for the interns?

To keep in line with the EAAB regulations, an intern needs training. In line with the traditional model, an intern will be assigned a mentor on the On Show App platform and all requirements needed to grow your status all the way to an NQF4 full status agent and then NQF5 principal. Other than this, On Show App will be mentoring you via our support structure 24/7.

What is the next step after joining the platform?

Once you have signed up and chosen your role, we will reach out within 24 hours and request a certified copy of your ID, proof of address, and a letter from your bank. Please ensure to use your reference stated on the invoice so we do not miss your payment if you signed up as a Newbie.

Do the Newbie, Full Status and Principal Sign ups get a manual?

Yes, On Show App contains a manual for your assistance.

Are there chances of growth for a newbie?

Yes, once a newbie completes the training you can upgrade to full status package and then a principal package. You can learn more about these packages in the help centre "What do I earn".

What is a newbie package?

A Newbie package can almost be seen in the same terms as an apprentice. It requires a compulsory internship for a year. The Newbie works and learns under a mentor to ensure you follow all legislation requirements.

What does the full status package require?

To order a full status role, you must be competent in the outcomes-based NQF Level 4 Real Estate requirements as set out by the SETA and be found competent in your PDE4 exam.

What are the requirements of the principal package?

Non-principal estate agents who have been certificated against, or exempted from, the FETC: Real Estate are required to pass the Professional Designation Examination for non-principal estate agents (“PDE 4”) within two years after having been certificated against, or exempted from, that qualification.

What does the principal package agent do NQF4/ NQF5?

In the principal package, you will offer advice and coaching to our newbie home kit users who began a career in the real estate industry. You will be earning R290.86 per intern p/m (minus our fee of 25%) from all our newbie/interns appointed to your portfolio.

Do I have to move my Fidelity Fund Certificate to On Show App?

We require a NQF4/NQF5 Fidelity Fund Certificate to be moved over, if you are signing up for the Full Status Package.

Can I sign up as an agent in the field and a mentor if I have a NQF4/NQF5?

Yes, you can sell properties in the field and mentor if you hold the correct qualification. This depends on your ability to be freely available to all your intern role players assigned to your On Show App profile whilst in the field focusing on your own stock. On Show App will screen your mentoring progress on a weekly/monthly rotation.

If you are only signing up for the mentor/principal package you have to move over your NQF4/NQF5 Fidelity Fund Certificate to On Show App, it needs to be valid by the EAAB to qualify.