Privacy Policy

On Show App is focused on responsibly dealing with your personal data. This Privacy Policy outlines the procedures and strategies relevant to the Company's maintenance of your personal data. By utilizing the site in any way, you consent to be limited by these terms.

Information gathered by the company:

The company might require and ask for the user's name, phone number, email address through the registration form. The information provided by the user is utilized in connecting to the user in order to help in future real estate transactions and as well as assist with navigation of the features of the website successfully.

The company might also additionally collect a few other personally identifying information that can include the viewing history on the website, geographical location, date and time of the visit, operating system, length of staying of the webpage, browser type, pages viewed, and referral source. The company access and uses the mentioned gathered information in order to improve and better the website's visibility, optimization, usability based on the user base. It slows the company to evaluate the success of specific advertising and marketing campaigns including the strategies of search engine optimization.

Third parties who get User data from the Company have given confirmations to the Company that the third party will keep up the confidentiality of and not sell the User's own data or personal information.

The Company site doesn't support or make any moves identified with any signs or program settings related to the do not track feature. The company site additionally does not support or take any actions identified with systems that permit the consumer to practice choice in regards to the collection of information that is identified personally about a consumer's activities online over the long run and across third-party sites or online services.

Information sharing with the third party

The company shares the user's information with any third party on terms and conditions that is if the third party requires it for legitimate or ethical business purposes as outlined.

The company shares the data and registration information in regards to user's site use including, but not restricted to, geographical location, browser type, referral source, length of visit, page views, date and time of site visit, user's IP-address and operating system and deliver the log files to the third parties for the analysis of the data, site management, database management, and site development. Similarly, the same information is also shared with the third parties across multiple marketing platforms like advertising platforms, social media, or search engine advertising. The same information is also shared with the independent contractor third-party real estate agents or assistants that are connected with the company providing the real estate data and information including the services to the users or traffic visiting the site.

In the industry of real estate business, it is very normal for realtors to give customers a reference to realtors situated in different regions to help the customer in an area outside the agent's service area. During the time spent processing or completing a referral, the Company or its representatives would share User enrollment data to permit another realtor to contact the User to possibly provide the services of the realtor. The user clearly agrees that, after enrolling with the site via registration, this enlistment data might be given to other realtors as important to finish a referral that the User has mentioned or consented to, regardless of whether verbally or recorded in a writing.

Third parties who get User data from the Company have given confirmations to the Company that the third party will keep up the confidentiality of and not sell the User's own data or personal information.


The Company utilizes cookies, bits of information that move to the User's hard drive through their internet browser, to permit it to identify the browser version of the user and give users the most ideal site experience. If cookies are disabled, a few highlights on the site might be impaired or not work appropriately.

User right to disclose, review and delete information

Users have the option to demand that the Company disclose the categories of individual data and specific personally recognizable User data the Company has gathered. Moreover, the User has the option to request that the Company delete any personally identified data held by the Company. User may likewise require the Company to coordinate any third party or service providers with whom the Company has shared User's personal data to also erase User's personal data, where their policies permit. Nonetheless, the request to delete the individual data might be denied when important to finish an awaiting transaction in the future.

The user likewise has the option to demand that the Company disclose the categories of sources from which the individual data is gathered, the categorizations of individual data imparted to third parties, the business or business reason for gathering and sharing individual data, and the classifications of outsiders with whom the Company shares individual data. The Company vows not to oppress User, or treat User diversely in a negative style, for practising any rights identified with their own data.

Contact Information

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